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Tiktok Friends Discovermaliktechcrunch just announced a new “Friends” tab for the app, which will showcase videos from accounts you’ve connected with. The feature is currently rolled out to some users, and should be available to more people by June.

According to the company, you can find suggested accounts based on a variety of factors. This includes accounts you follow, accounts that follow you back and other relationships you have with people.

Coming Weeks

Tiktok Friends Discovermaliktechcrunch has rolled out a new feature that replaces the app’s “Discover” tab with its own “Friends” tab. The update, which is rolling out to more users in the coming weeks, enables you to navigate through content from people you’ve connected with on TikTok.

Currently, the “Discover” tab in TikTok shows you a variety of suggested content based on your viewing history and other algorithms, much like the Discover tabs on Instagram and Snapchat. It also allows you to search for content based on certain categories, including trending hashtags and sounds.

But this new tab will only show you videos posted by people who follow you back on TikTok. It is an interesting move that aims to serve a more interpersonal app than the generic way of highlighting viral and popular videos on the platform, which may have shown up on your “For You” page anyway.

Friends Content

This new “Friends” tab is a great way to catch up with your friends’ content on TikTok, and the company says it will help you find more creators you enjoy. You’ll also be able to see posts from accounts you follow that you haven’t followed yet, and any suggestions made by the app’s algorithm.

In addition to the new “Friends” tab, TikTok has also introduced a new feature called “TikTok Now,” which encourages users to post photos at random times throughout the day. This is an attempt to mimic the success of photosharing app BeReal, which saw users exchange photos at regular intervals – much like TikTok Now – in order to make their content more accessible.

TikTok’s New “Discover” Tab

Tiktok Friends Discovermaliktechcrunch is testing a new “Discover” tab that shows content based on the accounts you’re connected to. This appears to be part of a larger push towards a more interpersonal social experience on the app.

The platform says the tab is rolling out to more users over the coming weeks, according to TechCrunch. The new feature aims to increase engagement by encouraging users to connect their account with their phone contacts and Facebook friends.

It also suggests accounts from people that you may know, and displays a follow button next to each name. This could help the video-sharing platform compete with Snapchat, which already makes it more of a personal experience to share videos on the app.

Variety of Trending Hashtags

Previously, the Discover page showed a variety of trending hashtags and videos. It was an effective way for brands to tap into viral trends and boost organic reach.

However, the loss of this feature could hurt brand growth on the platform. This is because a large amount of content on TikTok follows a trend, which is why it’s important for brands to stay on top of current trends.

The best way to get involved in a trend is to join it, but that requires timing and knowing the right hashtags to use. Keeping up with the most popular trends on TikTok can be challenging, so it’s important to keep an eye on Fanbytes’ weekly TikTok trends newsletter.

TikTok’s New “Friends” Feature

Tiktok Friends Discovermaliktechcrunch is rolling out a new feature that replaces the Discover tab and lets you see videos posted by friends. This change is part of a push from TikTok toward a more interpersonal social experience.

A screenshot of the new Friends tab shows a banner that says, “watch your friends’ videos.” The update will let users connect their accounts to Facebook and Instagram and see suggestions for video content from their real-life friends. This change will be a big help to TikTok creators, since many of their followers are people they know in real life.

Community-Focused App

It’s also a way for TikTok to show that it’s more than just a platform that highlights viral content. Instead, it’s a community-focused app.

The video-sharing app is also making it easier to find groups based on your interests and the people you follow. It has already launched this feature in some regions, and it will be rolled out to all users soon.

Final Words:

While the update might seem to be a bit redundant, it does a good job of showing that TikTok is not just about viral content. It is about community building, and it seems like the company is taking this move seriously.

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