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By the end of 2020, there were over 2.69 billion worldwide gamers with a prediction that the number will dramatically increase. Due to the availability of mobile applications and in-app purchases, individuals are rapidly making their way into this industry. However, e-gaming platforms are also attracting fraudsters with intentions of money laundering, stealing payment information, and manipulating under-aged players. Thus, biometric face scanners have become a solution to it.


Due to an increase in cyber security threats, identity fraud, financial losses, and reputational damages, it has become crucial for gaming sites to integrate biometric face scanners. Similarly, to protect minors against fraud risks, online platforms require the real-time identification of players. This blog covers ways how AI-powered face recognition verification solutions help e-gaming apps mitigate criminal threats and provide a safe environment to global players. 

Applications of Biometric Face Verification Services in the Gaming Industry

As advancement continues to grow within the gaming sector, the number of players, as well as victims, is also increasing. With remote onboarding systems in place, individuals can easily register on any platform. However, the lack of efficient biometric face scanners is also making way for criminals. 


Forging documents to provide proof of identity has become effortless, and validating the true personalities of players is becoming more challenging. Moreover, due to an increase in cybercrimes, the gaming industry is coming under the radar of strict regulatory scrutiny. Similarly, high chances of money laundering are subjecting these platforms to AML/CFT controls. This requires e-gaming sites to invest more in biometric face scanner solutions for differentiating between risk-possessed players and legitimate entities. 


AI-powered face recognition verification solutions come with mathematical algorithm tools that extract features and analyze them for accurate identity verification. These traits are impossible to replicate which gives legitimate players a fair chance to escape cyber security threats. Moreover, biometric face scanners provide multi-factor authentication for validating payments. As gaming sites are providing in-app purchases, they need to ensure that legitimate players are making a transaction. 

Under-Aged Players – An Easy Target for Criminals 

With this ease of access to platforms, the exposure of under-aged players to fraud risks is increasing. Similarly, children increase their vulnerability to financial losses by using their parents’ payment details to make in-app payments.


Online gaming sites need to incorporate better biometric face scanners for providing additional layers of security to players’ onboarding process. With solutions like real-time identification and scanning of biological features for payment authorization, AI-powered IDV services are safeguarding the virtual operations of gaming platforms. 

Deepfake and Synthetic Identity Fraud

Fraudsters perform deepfake attacks to impersonate legitimate individuals and authorize payments. This helps them finance organized crimes, play as authentic gamers, or avail benefits such as giveaways, vouchers, and prize money. Similarly, fraudsters create synthetic profiles to escape identification checks and register illegitimately. By using forged documents, criminals easily provide proof of their identity claims. 


Gaming sites require more robust face verification systems to prevent fraudulent activities. By asking for a real-time selfie, AI-powered tools analyze facial features and cross-match them with identity documents as well as in global databases. This provides e-gaming sites with more accuracy and secure player onboarding. Moreover, biometric face scanners help online platforms safeguard legitimate individuals against cyber security threats. 

Benefits of Face Verification Services for E-Gaming Sites 

The e-gaming industry has undergone a complete technological shift since digitization took over. From enabling global players to contest with each other to providing in-app purchases, online platforms are streamlining the gaming experience. However, this process is shifting criminals’ attention to e-gaming sites with intentions of money laundering and other such activities. 


The e-gaming industry requires more robust identification mechanisms to not provide secure remote onboarding but also stay put with regulatory standards. Biometric face scanners are seen as the next big thing in this sector. In order to prevent fraud risks and provide a secure gaming experience, AI-powered IDV services are leveraging a variety of identification tools. More benefits of face verification services are in the next section:

Ongoing Monitoring of Players 

Biometric face scanner technology provides selfie-based real-time identification. As every individual has distinct features, it is impossible to replicate them. However, criminals use spoofing and deepfake attacks to impersonate legitimate players and steer clear of face-scanning checks. In the case of previously compromised accounts, e-gaming sites need to validate individuals’ claims regarding an illegitimate breach. 


By using webcams, online platforms can ensure the presence of players while logging into profiles. If fraudsters try to hack into accounts of legitimate individuals, biometric face scanners identify their attempts using real-time identification. 

Ensures Compliance with Regulations 

Regulatory watchdogs are placing strict regulations on gaming sites to mitigate fraud risks. As per know your player guidelines, online platforms need to validate global individuals prior to their onboarding. In order to streamline identification as well as payment authorization, e-gaming sites need to integrate efficient face recognition match solutions. This will ensure the presence of players at the time of onboarding while speeding up the registration. 

End Notes

The gaming industry’s growth has accelerated since technological evolution took over. With options like remote onboarding, digital payments, and ease of gambling, online platforms are coming under the radar of strict regulatory scrutiny. Therefore, to eliminate fraud risks, e-gaming sites need to integrate efficient biometric face scanner solutions. They not only help counter deepfake attacks but also ensure a secure environment.

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