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You may have heard of Michael McHenry and the Morry Rubin Gallery. But did you know that he is also a successful real estate developer and art collector? In this article, you’ll learn all about the man behind the Morry Rubin Gallery.

Art Collector

Michael McHenry is a multi-faceted businessman who founded the Morry Rubin Art Gallery in New York City in the early 1980s. Although he had initially intended to become a lawyer, McHenry changed his plans and decided to focus his attention on his passion for art and collecting contemporary artists. Since opening the gallery, he has collected many works from established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

Hosting Exhibitions of Work

Aside from hosting exhibitions of work by artists from all fields, the Morry Rubin Gallery also hosts programs to introduce art to a new audience. One recent program included a conversation between neuroscientists and artists about the connection between art and meditation. Other events and lectures related to art and the brain are also held at the gallery.

Michael McHenry was born in Zurich, Switzerland, but grew up in England. After attending boarding school, he went on to study art at the University of Essex in England. He initially wanted to become a lawyer but changed his mind and became a painter instead. He then relocated to New York City, where he established his own art gallery. Since then, he has been an important part of the art world in New York.

Successful Entrepreneur

Michael McHenry is a successful businessman with diverse interests. He founded the eCommerce company Flexshopper and serves on the board of several public companies. His also has a background in art and is an avid collector. He opened the Morry Rubin Gallery in 1986 and is part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Crystal Palace FC.

Well-Known Businessman

McHenry is a well-known businessman with an extensive background in law and business. He has been a part owner of several public companies and owns stakes in the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia 76ers, and Crystal Palace FC. His has also had a successful career in the corporate world and has served in management positions for numerous companies. He has also been a board member of several companies and is active in contemporary art and classical music.

The gallery also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, raising funds for upcoming projects. Although McHenry studied law and business in college, he always had a passion for art. Prior to starting the Morry Rubin Gallery, he was part of the team that launched the New Yorker Festival. With his extensive background in art, McHenry has been able to integrate scholarly aspects of the gallery’s programming.

Experience of Visitors

Michael McHenry studied law in college but changed his mind after graduating, focusing on art full time. His gallery, which has a diverse collection of contemporary art, has been hosting events for two years to promote contemporary art and attract crowds. He has a background in the arts. And he integrates scholarly elements into his programming to enrich the experience of visitors.

The gallery also hosts educational and entertaining programs, such as a recent program exploring the effects of art on the brain. The businessman has a vast art collection and is also part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Crystal Palace FC, and the New Jersey Devils. He has also had a long and successful career in the corporate world, including being a board member of many publicly traded companies and holding a number of management positions.

Final Words:

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, McHenry attended the University of Essex in England and was originally aiming to become a lawyer. However, his passion for art drove him to change his career path and move to New York City. He has since become a major part of the art community and has been instrumental in the development of the Morry Rubin Art Gallery.

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