Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby was convicted of multiple crimes after a criminal history of abuse in his childhood. According to the defense, Goldsby was abused by his mother in the early 1970s. He then spent time in foster homes and became an addict. Goldsby later murdered James Munger, a man serving a 43-year prison sentence for child rape and molestation, as well as possession of child pornography. After pleading guilty to the murder of Munger, Goldsby apologized to the victim’s family and was sentenced to one year in jail and three years on probation.

Goldsby Pleaded Guilty to Multiple Crimes

Goldsby’s criminal history is a complex one. As a child, Goldsby was abused by his drug-addicted mother. As a result, he spent several years in foster care. He later committed several crimes including rape and murder. In his sentencing hearing, Goldsby apologized to the Munger family. Initially, he faced a sentence of 25 years, but a judge reduced his sentence to two and a half years to protect his wife.

Goldsby’s lawyer claimed that his mother abused him as a child. Goldsby was placed in foster homes and eventually developed an addiction to drugs. When he was 22, he stabbed Munger and stole his car. Goldsby later confessed to the murder and apologized to the Munger family. Once he serves his sentence, he will be eligible for parole.

Hardly Surprising

Goldsby’s violent past is hardly surprising. He was raised by a drug-addicted mother and spent many years in foster care. In addition to rape and stabbing the victim, he was also convicted of raping and abusing another child. After serving his jail time, he was able to reunite with his mother and apologize to the families of his victims.

Goldsby is related to Niecko Goldsby, another celebrity who is currently behind bars for multiple crimes. Both Goldsby’s crimes were linked to their use of drugs. Goldsby’s criminal past landed him behind bars for several years. He has apologized to the victims and their families, and has returned to a drug-free life.

Goldsby Apologized to his Victim’s Family

Goldsby’s violent past as a child led to numerous charges against him, including rape and murder. He apologized to the family of Munger before being sentenced to prison. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family, the amount of which will be determined later. His sentence could have been as long as 33 years, but the judge reduced it to two and a half years in order to protect his wife from the prospect of spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Drug-Addicted Mother

Goldsby’s criminal history goes back to his youth when he was abused by his drug-addicted mother. He lived in ten different foster homes before he was adopted. He later reconnected with his mother and started using drugs. This drug use has been linked to some of Goldsby’s crimes. He will be transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020.

Violent Crimes

Justin Goldsby and his twin brother Niecko Goldsby are related and both have served multiple prison sentences. The brothers were originally sentenced to serve separate sentences, but were later transferred to the same prison. Their relationship is very contentious, and they have never publicly denied their involvement in violent crimes.

Goldsby’s criminal history is a long one, with rape, sexual abuse, and child pornography among his crimes. Although he apologized to his victims, he later started to use drugs. He pleaded guilty to rape in 2003 and later pleaded guilty to murder in 2009. He has served more than three years in prison, and is now at Airway Heights state prison.

The Case of Justin Goldsby

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Justin Goldsby grew up with a drug-addicted mother. He was placed in foster care at a young age and grew up to commit multiple crimes. He was imprisoned for over three years and was released after completing an inmate reform program. During his time in prison, Goldsby pleaded guilty to murdering his cellmate, Niecko Munger. In addition to the murder, he was convicted of possessing child pornography and was sentenced to an additional 25 years in prison.

Final Words:

Although Goldsby had no criminal history before committing the crime, he has a history of violence and abuse. His mother was an addict and they reconnected when he was a teenager. The two began abusing drugs together. After his release from prison, Goldsby was transferred to an incarceration center in Washington state where he served time. Goldsby has apologized to the families of the victims and expressed regret for his actions.

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