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In the modern-tech world, the idea of business intelligence is no longer new to enterprises. So, the latest analytics techniques and tools are emerging. And this is the reason why the majority of businesses are integrating MS Power BI to address data management issues. Aside from that, we live in a changing world, where the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic caused serious havoc. Now think, What role can business intelligence and Power BI play in this time of crisis? To this, Microsoft responds through a powerful Power BI tool kit that analyses the global spread of Covid-19. Besides this, Power BI can also present the most recent and up-to-date data. On account of that, this blog post will help you understand the value of Power BI implementation. Alongside discussing the factors that make Power BI one of the most popular business analytics tools.

Power BI at A Glance

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics tool that turns large data amounts into meaningful insights. It connects disparate data sources like cloud-based and on-premise. This includes Excel, SQL DB, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Analytics. Moreover, it assists you in making savvy business decisions with the following features;

  • Data Shaping – It shapes or adjusts data as per the need using a tool known as Query Editor.
  • Data Modelling – It helps connect data from many data sources to create interactive and data-enriched Power BI reports.
  • Data Visualization – It searches through large data libraries to create unique visuals.

Additionally, Power BI does not require any supplementary engineering licenses, resources, CAPEX investment, or infrastructure support. Furthermore, you can freely subscribe, to an off-the-shelf version of Power BI for effective data governance.

Reasons to Leverage Power BI for Data Management

Below listed are the key benefits of using Microsoft Power BI for modern business needs.

1. Visualized, Update & Streamline Business Data in Real-Time

The real-time streaming feature supports pushing datasets into Power BI via REST API, PubNub, or Azure Stream Analytics. This functionality of real-time streaming of the Power BI data management tool enables you to;

  • Present visuals in real time.
  • Stream and push datasets in real time.
  • Create and update dashboards in real time.

2. Integrating Cortana Intelligence with Power BI

It is very easy to integrate Cortana’s intelligence with Power BI to get instant access to the charts and data reports. Above all, integrating Cortana allow you to ask questions in natural languages. As a result, you will get data-driven and rich answers and data insights from your business datasets. For example, by searching anything in Cortana, you will get results in the form of customized data visuals.

3. Amplifying Customer Centricity

Integrating Power BI can help you deliver critical business insights. This also takes away the hassle of writing any code for data analytics and data integration. You can choose a customer-centric approach to develop personalized reports and user experience.

4. Building Intelligent, Personalized Visualizations

Custom visuals SDK enables you to develop a rich data library that is open-source, personalized, and custom-centric. Power BI is a very powerful, flexible, and one-size-fits-all type of solution. So, you can either develop personalized visuals from the scratch or can use the existing visuals as per your choice.

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5. Manage & Monitor Azure Database Effectively

The ‘Azure Activity Log Analytics’ feature is ideal for you if you are already using Microsoft Cloud Environment. The feature enables its users to generate reports of the past 3-months (90 days) of all the activity log data. By using the MS Azure Synapse with MS Azure Database, you can unlock countless possibilities for your business.

6. Bring Predictive Power of Innovative Analytics

According to BI experts, BI datasets are ideal for predictive and forecasting analytics. With advanced data, the modeling feature helps you track ongoing and past trends and track current performance. Not only this, but it also helps in projecting future results with great precision. It even allows you to compare scenarios by running the ‘What If’ command.

7. Optimized Data Security & Management

Power BI also assists you in protecting sensitive and confidential information by reducing the risk of data leakage. And, this maintains productivity at the same time. Using Power BI’s security features you can also keep a sharp eye on unauthorized activities. Besides, Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security features of Power BI also help you to;

  • Empower security administrators.
  • Protect and check user activity in real time.
  • Classify and label critical data.

What Transformational Value Can Power BI Bring to Your Business?

In a modern corporate world, where everything is remote, Power BI can help you unlock countless new possibilities. Additionally, business intelligence can drive impeccable data culture in organizations. Above all, Power BI brings all your data to a centralized and single platform. This saves costs and brings in quick ROI and turnarounds for the company. MS Power BI’s amazing abilities to change things help people make better decisions and bring more business value. Since Power BI is an automated tool, it can also help you drive business intelligence and make you more competitive.

Microsoft announced the latest updates and integrations at Microsoft Ignite. The company promised that the platform has a lot more to offer the business world. This includes better collaboration, better data protection, and the ability to get a return on investment up to 10 times faster.

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