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If you’ve splurged on a brand new iPad, you’ll want to have the best accessories to go with your new device. Which accessories are must-haves, and which would you be better off without? Here’s a rundown.

A Protective Case

Probably the most essential accessory for your iPad is a case. Whether that is an iPad mini case, an iPad Pro 12.9 4th generation case, or a case for your iPad Air, a protective iPad case can save you hundreds of dollars in AppleCare.

When looking for a case, find something that provides 360 degree protection, protecting the front face and corner rather than just the (rather sturdy) aluminum back. If you go for military-grade drop protection, you’ll know your case has been rigorously tested and found to keep an iPad safe even when dropped from a significant height.

Of course, a case isn’t only protective. You also want your case to look decent, and preferably not add too much bulk to that sleek iPad of yours. Accurate cutouts for speakers, buttons and cameras are a must. And since your case will probably double as a stand, look for something that has multi-angle viewing potential and the sturdiness you need for day to day life. Magnets that keep everything in place are a nice feature, and the stronger they are the more secure is your iPad’s face.

One of the best iPad cases that ticks all the boxes is the Zugucase. They offer models for pretty much any iPad out there, including a iPad 12.9 case for the iPad Pro. Their case is well-built, sturdy, and has been tested to meet military drop protection standards ( MIL STD 810G 516.6 certification). In fact, the team at Zugu is so sure their case will protect your iPad from accidents that it comes with an AppleCare warranty— if your screen shatters while your iPad was in the case, just send them the bill. These people really stand by their products. .

Air Pods For Seamless Listening

If a protective case is the first accessory to buy your iPad, a set of AirPods Pro may be a close second. We recommend the third generation AirPods, which are enough of an improvement over the previous generation you’ll be glad you paid the premium price. With  ear sealing and some active noise canceling that allows you to still enjoy your music when it’s noisy out, the AirPods provide a great user experience. The pods themselves offer about four and a half hours of listening power, battery wise, but your case will allow you to recharge for a full 24 hours of listening extravaganza.

Apple’s AirPods aren’t just a listening device— they also include a very decent microphone, so you can pick up your phone without actually doing any pickup.  The AI software is designed to pick up just the human voice, so if you end up talking in a noisy place— the street, maybe, or a busy airport— your contact should still be able to make out what you’ve got to say.

Apple also has a swanky pair of noise-cancelling over-ear earphones out— the AirPod Max— but the price tag is high, even for an Apple product, and  for most users it will be overkill.

An IPad Keyboard To Get You Typing

An on-screen tablet will pop up on your iPad whenever you need to do a little typing, but while it is pretty nifty as on screen tablet keyboards go, it’s nothing like typing on a ‘real’ keyboard. If you’re serious about writing with your iPad, you’ll probably want to get a bluetooth keyboard or keyboard case. In fact, a keyboard is so useful we’re going to give it the #3 spot as an iPad must-have accessory.

If you want an Apple product, the magic keyboard is pretty cool, with butterfly keys that click responsively and plenty of room for your hands. An extra row of function keys allow you to adjust sound, screen brightness, and more. It connects with your iPad natively— no finicky bluetooth— and turns your tablet into an almost-computer.

But it’s expensive. If you’re more into something budget friendly rather than a premium setup, you can go with any of a number of third party keyboards that provide a ‘good enough’ keyboard experience at a fraction of the cost. Like the Logitech Combo Touch, or  Zagg Pro Keys. Both are reliable, productivity-inducing keyboards that won’t break the bank.

A Stylus For Full Flexibility

If you’ve got a keyboard, AirPods, and a protective Zugucase, the only must-have accessory you’re missing is an Apple Pencil. Sure other styluses do exist, but they aren’t the same.

The Apple Pencil enables you to do essentially anything with your tablet that you might do with an old fashioned notebook— except tear a page out for origami cranes. Experiment with drawing and create a digital art masterpiece, or use it for journaling and have the iPad OCR your handwriting and make it searchable.

If you intend to use your iPad mostly for media consumption you can skip the pencil, but if you intend to be productive it can be a really helpful tool. Which pencil you need depends on which iPad you have— they aren’t cross compatible, and each iPad model works with just one pencil— but the functionality of both 1st and 2nd generation pencils is essentially the same.

Your iPad, Your Way

What do you feel is a must-have accessory? Did it make our list, or do you have an out-of-the-box suggestion that makes your iPad more useful to you? Maybe it’s a gooseneck mount, or an external power bank. Some users are all about wireless controllers, and others need the best charging bricks, cables, and wireless charger. What makes your list and why? Let us know in the comments.

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