Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby is a man who has a long criminal history. He has been convicted of several crimes, including rape and molestation. He has spent years in jail and foster care. His was also arrested on a previous occasion for raping a different girl. Goldsby was transferred to Airway Heights prison in Washington state after his previous conviction.

Two Children

Justin Goldsby and his wife Avis are two well-known people. Their names may seem similar, but in reality, they are two very different men. Both men are successful businessmen and have two children. But what is their common connection? The two men were once cellmates in different correctional facilities. And they both grew up in abusive homes. They also had drug addiction issues. Despite their very different backgrounds, Justin and Avis are very close.

Goldsby, who was 18 years old at the time of the shooting, was one of the youngest inmates at the prison. He had already been involved in 20 altercations with correctional officers before being transferred to another prison. Police tried to perform life-saving measures on the scene, but he was later taken to a hospital. His family and many close friends have grieved his loss.

Washington State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol is investigating the case. Although the police did not comment on the specifics of Goldsby’s case, they have concluded that the corrections staff did follow procedures. The men shared a cell, but their last names were different. While the two men were in the same cell, their conversations included topics about their mothers and about Goldsby’s life with his family.

Goldsby spent years in foster care in Washington state. He had been arrested on a number of charges, including raping a teenager and stabbing someone. He was convicted of the crime in December of 2019. During his sentencing hearing, Goldsby apologized to the victim’s family. He was sent to a prison in Airway Heights.

Guilty of Murdering Munger

While Goldsby was found guilty of murdering Munger, the motives for the crime are still unclear. The murder was reportedly committed after Goldsby had seen pictures of Munger raping a woman. The accused then knocked Munger to the ground and repeatedly stomped on his head. The victim died of his wounds a few days later.

Shane Goldsby

Justin Goldsby mother abused him when he was a child and he spent years in foster care. He was later arrested for raping a girl and stabbing another person. In December, he was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to more than three years in prison. The incident was uncovered by a journalist investigating the case. Goldsby, then 22, was sentenced to more than three years in prison for his actions.

Justin Goldsby and Munger had a long history of violence. In the past, they both committed numerous crimes, including rape, child molestation, and possession of child pornography. They were also jailed for other crimes and argued that prison staff had set them up for a fight. However, a Washington State Patrol investigation concluded that no prison staff knew of their connection to each other before the assault.

Joyriding Incident

Justin Goldsby pleaded guilty to the crime. He had already served three years of a 33-year prison sentence for the joyriding incident. Upon his release, Goldsby will have to pay restitution to the Munger family. Goldsby’s sentence was initially 33 years, but the prosecution and defense agreed to shorten it to 25 years so that the Munger family could be present at his release.

Goldsby and Munger were inmates at the same prison in Washington, but their relationship was not disclosed until he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. The two men had met each other in San Francisco several years prior. Then, in 2017, Goldsby stole a police car and injured a state trooper during a chase.


Munger’s conviction had many consequences. In addition to a 43-year sentence, Goldsby had served a two-year sentence for stealing a police car. He had injured a State Trooper and his sister. Goldsby had also been serving a jail sentence for stealing a police vehicle in 2017, when he crashed into their vehicle.

Final Words:

In the end, Goldsby pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 298 months in prison. Goldsby apologized to the Munger family during his sentencing here.

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