According to Eastern culture, each year that passes, the beginning of a new year, decorate your home following feng shui will bring a lot of fortune, peace, and prosperity to your whole family in the next year.

When the old year is about to pass, the new year is about to knock on the door is also the time when everyone cleans the house, rearranges tables and chairs, and rearranges decorative items to welcome spring.

There are many ways to decorate and beautify the living space as well as arrange the interior to help the house be more beautiful, lucky, and prosperous in the new year. As long as you take a moment to refer to the simple “recipes” in the article, everyone in the family will feel more excited when welcoming a happy and prosperous new year. Pay a little attention in the way of decoration to not only make the home more beautiful when entering the new year but also help fortune and luck knock on your door.

1. Rearrange furniture, items

When cleaning the house to welcome the New Year, the first thing you need to do is clear away things that are not necessary for daily life, and neatly put away items that are not in the right place. This first job is extremely necessary because the space will be tidy, the breath of life into the house will stay longer, and it will not be scattered by the clutter of furniture.

When rearranging furniture, you also need to pay attention to keeping sharp objects such as knives, swords, medals, or decorations such as stuffed animals, and glittering balls on the wall. All these decorations make the room not only cumbersome, but also make the spirit of everyone in the family easily fall into a state of fatigue, and can be the cause of conflicts and quarrels in the family. living. 

In addition, you also need to pay attention to replacing lamps with metal caps with many angles. Their presence not only wastes money and resources but also causes people discord, life encounters many unlucky things, especially in the New Year.

2. Don’t buy more decorations at the end of the year

People often think that the end of the year is the time to remodel the house and buy more decorations to beautify the house in the new year. However, according to feng shui experts, when buying more decorative items at the end of the year, you will spend a large amount of money, but that is not necessary and helps the house. If your budget is limited, look for discount codes on which will help you save a lot of money when buying decorative items.

On the contrary, the decorations will make your family’s life in the new year much more costly, and the spending will also increase twice as much as the families who do not buy decorations at the end of the year.

3. Always keep the house clean

A clean, tidy home will bring a lot of positive feelings to everyone living in the house. When all the items are neatly arranged, the rules also mean that the house will attract talent and welcome fortune at the beginning of the new year. Therefore, people also need to pay attention to always arranging a time to clean the house both inside and outside to create a fresh atmosphere for the living space.

4. Buy more bonsai

Instead of buying expensive furniture or decoration, you can save a lot of money and spend a reasonable amount of money to buy a few ornamental plants. There are many types of ornamental plants that bring good fortune and luck to the family in the New Year. The presence of these plants not only brings a feeling of relaxation, joy, and happiness to everyone at the beginning of the year, but their presence can also help to make the space impressive, fresh and lively.

5. Put flower pots in the living room

It is no coincidence that on the first days of the new year, families arrange the most beautiful, freshest, and most brilliant flower pots on the porch or in the living room space, which is considered the most important room of the family. House. On the first days of the year, you can choose flower pots with the meaning of luck and prosperity such as gerbera, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, and poinsettia … to place in the living room.

You should also pay attention, should put the flower pots in the Southeast direction, the direction is considered to easily attract fortune to the family, helping the whole family to be lucky throughout the year.

6. Should put the tea table parallel to the window

Perhaps rearranging the interior to suit the living space as well as feng shui is what causes many homeowners a headache. However, to broaden your horizons, to help you have a very smooth and lucky year at work, you can place the sofa facing the door, place the tea table parallel to the widest window in the living room. This simple feng shui tip will help everyone stay happy, full of energy, and have many advantages at work in the new year.

7.  Hang a wind chime or coin string

A simpler way to welcome fortune into the house is to hang a wind chime on the front door. Vibrating wind chimes will attract attention, and invite good luck and peace to your life.

If you love a quiet space, you can replace the wind chimes with coin strings. Heaven outside, and earth inside symbolize prosperity. Hanging coins across each other and connecting them with a red string, then hanging on the doors will help keep money energy in the house. Use 9 or 6 coins for the main door and the remaining doors hang a smaller amount.

Above are  7 tips to decorate your home according to feng shui to help your family have a happy and prosperous new year. Hope the article will help you.

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