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With the upcoming of a tech-induced environment a lot of users are choosing the digital medium for their regular work. So, to uplift your business you need to get assisted by the mobile app development company. They will help you to develop a good mobile application at a lower cost. Moreover, they know how to integrate certain key features and what are the optimal points in the mobile application. But, there are certain things that you should know about mobile app development, otherwise you would lose a good market competition. Further, we would discuss here, what are the benefits and the process of app development.

Mobile Application Development Things You Must Know

  • Mobile applications are used so much that all people spend almost 100% of their screen time.
  • The mobile application development company has found that some of the applications in the Google Play Store have just a short lifespan.
  • Most users have over 80 percent of applications in their smartphones which make their mobile phones heavy while working.
  • With the introduction of a multiplayer system, the mobile gaming segment has seen a huge rise.
  • In the Android app store there are 1.5x fewer applications than the total Android applications in the world.
  • The sudden fact that we don’t know is that more than 50% of applications in the app store have never been downloaded.
  • Android OS is the most popular mobile OS in the world, as per the major mobile application development company.
  • Mobile app developers spend a lot on Ads these days.
  • With the introduction of the e-commerce wave due to Covid, shopping applications are now the future.
  • In the mobile application market, Facebook and Twitter are winning the app race.
  • Last year, saw a minimal download of over 200 billion apps.

Benefits of Application Development

If you hire mobile app developer then you will get the following benefits:


With a mobile application development company you can easily target your faraway users and sell the product easily wherever you want. Moreover, you can create a market buzz with your high end solution for users. Think of it like Amazon, Flipkart, or any other.

Easy User Interface

A mobile application development company creates each app with precision to the user interface and various designs. These applications allow the user to perform the tasks with utmost performance and without any problem for users to access details. So, you need to have a good user interface in your application to attract most users.

Easy Marketing

With a mobile application businesses can easily market their service to various users. Moreover, they can develop a huge user attraction online. With a digital architecture, the users can sell their services online without any leap in data and more attractively. So, marketing becomes much easier with mobile apps. You can attach various social channels and target the markets with ease.

Process of Application Development

Requirement Gathering

First, you as a client, need to tell your requirements to app developers. They will understand all your needs and then forward those to Front-end developers

Prototype Selection

The front-end development team will make a prototype of the application according to the requirement.

Application Development

Once the client provides an approval, the backend team will integrate the functions and features of the app with their code. They will put all the data into the application.

Software Testing

The mobile application development company quality analyst team will take the project in their hand and will check the application for bugs and non-responsive systems.

Product Deployment

The final product deployment phase starts here. That means the application is transferred to the software deployment team who will provide the client with all the application knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Application development for businesses is a real need of the time as a lot of users are moving towards online medium. It helps the businesses to profess in the market and create a buzz of their services. Applications are created with utmost precision laid down by the AppSquadz mobile application development company. These developers create the most unique and widely acceptable applications with integrated new technologies. So, their application development team is most beneficial and can create a wide range of services for them.

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