There is no doubt that the Internet has greatly improved the daily work of many companies, but the downside is that employees are increasingly internet usage for private purposes during work hours. According to a recent survey, 53% of the 87% of employees who use the Internet for private purposes while at work do so on a daily basis. Statistics like these illustrate the magnitude of the problem.

Many employers believe that the solution to the problem lies in the use of computer monitoring software. While this type of software can be effective in tracking inappropriate Internet use, it can also be very invasive. Indeed, many of these products fall into the category of “spyware”. If an employee discovers that his or her employer is using spyware to monitor his or her daily activities, it can lead to a loss of trust between the employee and the employer, not to mention a loss of employee motivation.

In addition, the widespread use of smartphones means that even if managers use these products to monitor internet usage, they are not totally effective. More and more workers are carrying a smartphone on their person on a daily basis. And given the recent surge in popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, it’s easy to imagine that workers frequently visit social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Even if they don’t do it on their work computers, they do it on their smartphones.

So rather than using software to record employee unproductivity, we propose using a different type of software to record productivity. Imagine software that can measure the amount of time an employee works productively on a computer. Such products are a kind of activity monitor and can measure productivity without using invasive techniques like spyware.

How Internet usage monitoring software works

Good internet usage monitoring software is a necessity for most businesses today. Installing Internet usage monitoring software on your system can protect you and your company from potential legal liability.

Company employees can abuse the Internet while on the job. This can include online shopping and transactions, chatting, and emailing that has nothing to do with work or accessing adult sites. Excessive personal use of the Internet by workers is called Internet abuse.

When a company purchases an Internet monitoring system, it can monitor the online behavior of its employees. The system runs on a network and can receive reports from a computer server or via the Internet. All online activities of employees must tracked by management.

Unnecessary Internet access and use by employees, especially during work hours, is a major concern for management. User monitoring software can help solve such problems. Here are some of the benefits that come with the use of Internet monitoring devices.

One of the benefits of such software is that it provides reports on various unwanted behaviors of employees and helps in preventing access to undesirable sites on the web. This is very useful when you find that your employees’ productivity is affected by irrelevant and trivial online behavior.

It is also useful for employees who are addicted to pornographic sites used by terrorists. Every access or transaction within your company is a matter of credibility. If your employee accesses a terrorist site, you are responsible. Good, reliable Internet monitoring software allows you to manage Internet use within your company.

In addition, purchasing Internet access monitoring software allows you to control the installation and entry of files and programs that are dangerous to your system. Administrators can identify network sources and prevent network system intrusions on all workstations.


As the number of people working remotely continues to increase each year, such solutions are becoming more and more important. A recent survey revealed that more than 30 million people work remotely every week, at least part-time. If you think it’s difficult to monitor your employees’ Internet use at work, imagine what happens when they work from home. What employers really need is a non-invasive monitoring tool that can act as a behavioral monitor for employees, regardless of where they work. If employees know that their work is valued, they can be more motivated to improve their overall productivity.

Using a network monitoring system reduces the workload of employees. It will allow employees to work more efficiently by interrupting their non-work activities. As a result, the company’s output will increase, leading to growth and improvement.

It is indeed a nightmare to find that employees are not doing their work as expected. Internet usage monitoring software helps to avoid such problems at all times.




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