Support coordination is important and essential when accommodating NDIS participants. The NDIS is a way for people to get support under certain NDIS guidelines and regulations. Participants can receive benefits and facilities offered to them. However, sometimes, iis important to know the right kind of support you need when you start your journey with the NDIS program. 


Complete Connect, a leading provider of disability services in Brisbane, is here to make your life easier and better through the NDIS. With great support workers and assistance, they are determined to give you the help you need.

What Is The NDIS and How Does It Help?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps participants in overcoming their issues with effective management and care methods. With the right kind of support and assistance offered to participants, Australians can understand themselves better and achieve a new outlook.

The Three Levels

  1. Support Connection:

Support connection is essentially connecting participants with their NDIS plan. It is important to understand the plan properly in order to know what you have to do and expect. The NDIS program must be underlined and understood at all times. It’s imperative to follow through the plan effectively to see results. The support connection level can involve support coordinators walking you through the basic fundamentals of the NDIS plan.


It can also include support coordinators:


  • Understanding your NDIS plan
  • Connecting support and services
  • Making sure that the plan meets their requirements
  • Setting up bookings and meetings in order for the participant to meet their deadlines
  • Observing and planning for emergencies
  • Managing your plan
  • Reviewing your progress

And more. 

  1. Coordination of Supports:

Support coordination helps people to increase their mobility and independence through certain activities. The capacity building support offered by the NDIS is included  in this particular category. To ensure that you are having the best and right information and resources, you can request for a support coordinator that will stay with you and assist you in your daily tasks. 


It may be important to have the right kind of support to understand where you will be ending up. Make sure that you have the correct means needed to increase your capacity through mildly challenging activities and movements. 


Complete Connect is here to help you out in your NDIS journey and ensure that you are getting the right treatment. We make sure that you get the assistance you deserve and provide you with capable support coordinators that can oversee your progress.

  1. Specialist Support Coordination:

This particular level is aimed at those people with vulnerabilities who need more complex help and assistance with their daily movements and tasks. Those who require specialist support and assistance would need certified and capable support coordinators who can help them out during their journey with the NDIS. 


It is vital to have the knowledge and skills needed for this level as people may need medical and psychosocial assistance. Support organisations must know that the plan must align with the participant’s lifestyle and hurdles. The issues must be announced and underlined clearly in the plan to understand the steps needed for effective management and care. 


Complete Connect Cares For You!


Complete Connect is determined to assist you in your NDIS journey. As certified NDIS providers of disability services in Brisbane, they seek to give you the proper equipment and information that will lead you towards greater independence and confidence. They offer assistance with:


  • Allied Health
  • 24/7 Community Nursing
  • Specialist Support Coordinator
  • Daily Support
  • Community Access and Participation
  • Home Care


To learn more, visit their website or contact them!


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