According to the latest smartphone users stats, the number of global smartphone users has seen a 4.9% annual increase. This means there are 6.6 billion smartphone users globally. It has become an integral part of our daily activities. Many of us check our phones the first thing in the morning. Naturally buying a new phone is a big deal to us given its importance in our lives. However, how should you select a smartphone?  

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These days smartphones are hefty investments. Therefore, a lot of thought and consideration goes into deciding which one to buy. This can be tricky given the plethora of options available. We can help with this process!

Here are seven useful tips to help you select the best smartphone according to your requirements. 

Identifying Your Usage Needs

First and foremost, it is important to identify what kind of phone user you are. To understand your phone usage habits, here are a few questions you can ask yourself. 

  • How many hours do you spend using your phone?
  • What kind of apps do you use?
  • Do you record and upload content?
  • What are some features of your current phone that you want to change?
  • What are your preferred phone specifications? 

These questions are aimed to provide you with a basic idea of what kind of smartphone user you are. They will help you identify the kind of phone you need and the activities you expect it to perform. Now considering your answers, start researching phones that best meet your needs 


It is important to have an estimate of how much you can spend on a phone and whether or not your budget is flexible. The best part of having a competitive market is that you can get many options at every price range. 

In the past years, tech giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung have started releasing budget options for their flagship models to help expand their audience. Budget-friendly options of flagships phone include Samsung FE, Apple S, and Google A series. 

These phones have the characteristics, camera, software, or hardware of the flagship with a few corners cut in terms of battery, storage, or processing specs. It is important to understand that you may have to compromise on specifications a bit if you want a cheaper phone. 

Battery Performance

It can be frustrating when your phone runs out of battery in the middle of the day or when you are outside. Therefore, battery life is an incredibly important consideration to make when choosing a phone. If you are a heavy phone user who downloads many files, streams video content, and engages in heavy gaming, it is important to choose a smartphone with excellent battery performance. 

Check out the battery specification, which will mention a mAh rating. So higher this rating is the more battery life you can enjoy. Many features including the screen resolution, size, and software affect battery life.

Storage Capacity 

Apple phones do not offer upgradable storage capacity via micro SD slot. Therefore, you are stuck with the storage capacity you get out of the box. You can however purchase iCloud space and store your media on it. Android phones have the advantage of upgradable storage capacity. 

Operating Software

Consider which operating software you prefer. You can opt for either an android device or an IOS device. With Apple devices, you always get the newest operating software system whereas with android devices updates may take time. 

This is because most android phone companies apply their interface over a stock android and updates come late to them. Only Google phones enjoy quick software updates. Your choice of operating software will depend upon your preferred user interface and experience. 


Bloatware is essentially additional features and preinstalled apps that many android devices come with. These may not be particularly useful for you but take up storage space and may reduce smartphone speed. Some of these apps can be deleted whereas others are just there to stay. Select a phone with the minimum amount of bloatware to get the most out of your storage space.  

In Summary 

Sometimes, it feels like there is a new smartphone released every week. The oversaturation of the smartphone market makes selecting a product difficult. Buying a smartphone is a hefty investment and there is a fear of choosing the wrong product. We hope this post has facilitated your decision-making process and helped you choose the best option for your needs.

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