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Wordle today is PATTY. It’s a small flat cake, made from finely minced or chopped foods, like meat. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, invented Wordle, and later sold it to the New York Times. He says that his creation is “another great way to share text with others.”


We’re back with a new puzzle for Wordle today! Today’s puzzle is called “Cling”. If you’re looking for a good starting word to put into a new wordle puzzle, “Cling” is it. It’s both a verb and a noun. It’s a low, long sound that happens when things are moved. And it’s not an absucre word, either, because it contains two vowels and some common letters.

The word “spears” is a real word in the dictionary, but in the game, you enter five-letter words to make a wordle. Then, the Wordle algorithm will randomly choose another five-letter word for you to use. In a sense, this game is a lot like playing a word-association game, but instead of using actual words, you’re guessing and comparing it to a list of previous words to see which one is closest to the real word.


The five-letter word ‘patty’ has been causing problems for Wordle players all over the world today. Players are complaining that the word is not as common in the UK as it is in the US. However, there are tricks you can use to solve it. If you’re wondering what the word Patty on Wordle today looks like, here are some ideas. You can use an alternative to Wordle that works just as well.

One of the best features of Wordle is that it gives you a daily word that you can try to guess. Wordle’s difficulty is determined by its number of syllables and common suffixes. Some words are hard to guess, while others are quite simple. A good way to test yourself is by playing the Wordle game every day and seeing how long it takes you to solve it. If you have time, you can even create a daily word.


The word for today’s Wordle is “Smearing.” This neologism means to mark something with an adhesive or sticky substance. Smearing is a word that has many definitions. Its origins are in Middle English, where it was spelled “smere,” and it’s related to Old High German “smero,” which means “grease.”

The word that was chosen for today has been smeared across the screen, causing some people to become confused. A recent Morning Consult poll shows that 14 percent of American adults use Wordle. Millions of people try to figure out the word each day. This simple game has become so popular that its creator, Josh Wardle, sold the app to The New York Times Company for an undisclosed sum.

Smearing is not a professional way of covering news

Smearing is a bad way to cover news, especially when you don’t have a high profile news outlet. People are quick to use wordle as a vehicle for slanderous rumors and personal attacks. But the news itself should be covered professionally, without smearing. Here are some good examples of news coverage that is not smearing.


The word CLING is today’s Wordle answer. The word means to hold on tightly or adhere to something firmly. It’s also a metaphor for emotional dependence. Cling comes from Old English clingan, which means “to stick together” and was derived from the Middle High German word klingen, meaning “to clench.”

Final Words:

You can find clues to the puzzle by going to the Wordle website. You can also use the NYT’s WordleBot to find answers. Most people will find it much harder than that, but you can try to get some hints from the site itself. If you still cannot solve it in 3.9 attempts, you’re only six guesses away from failure. That’s an impressively high number, but remember that failure is just six words away.

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