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Shoes are the main and the most important part of our dressing. It describes our personality, if we wear dirty shoes then it gives a bad impression on others. Especially going for job interviews, everyone gives the advice to wear neat and clean shoes because many people only focus on their dressing, not on their shoes. What if you wear a white shirt with tie and clean dress pants, with proper hair set but wearing dirty shoes, it will ruin all your personality and a gesture to the interviewer that you are a lazy and unorganized person. A very bad impression which nobody wants to give others.

If you don’t have new shoes then you can buy them easily if your pockets allow you to do so, use Born shoes coupon this both brand will help you in buying shoes at discounted prices. More you can look for Lems discount code and enjoy huge savings on your desired footwear and if your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy new shoes then you can wash your shoes.  There are many ways to wash shoes without getting damaged or keeping them intact. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best ways to wash shoes without any damage.

The best way to wash shoes is to wash them in a washing machine 

Yes, one of the best ways to wash shoes is to wash them in a washing machine. Many people prefer using this method when they plan to clean or wash their dirty shoes (especially the shoes which are made of canvas). The method is simple and easy. You just need to remove the lace and sole of the shoe and put your shoes in the washing machine then add some detergent, water, and turn on the machine at a medium speed (a pro tip is to use cold water when washing shoes and adding 2 – 3 pinch of baking soda in the water if your shoes are very dirty.

Baking soda will help to remove all the dirt from shoes and will give you a new pair of cleaned shoes that you surely will love the result). And when the washing machine rounds are complete then don’t dry in the dryer, simply put your wet shoes on the terrace or any place where they can dry easily by air. And for lace and sole, you can take a bowl of water and add some washing powder and soak them for 1 hour. After one hour, wash them with clean water and let them dry on their own. That’s how easy you can wash your shoes just by following the best way to wash your shoes without any damage and keeping them intact and new. 

Best way to wash shoes and keep them intact

If you have a white pair of sneakers and it got a dirty stain on them then don’t worry as you can clean it by using one of the best ways to wash shoes. Buying luxury shoes and spending a high amount of money on them is quite risky if you don’t have the proper facilities to keep your luxury and branded shoes intact. Like if you have a teething dog in your home then it would be difficult to keep your shoes safe from them. Make a proper space in the wardrobe for your shoes to keep them safe and organize properly.

You can also repair your old shoes and turn them into brand new ones by giving a little service like replacing the sole, or if your favorite shoe heels have broken then replace it with the new one. If your shoes are lighter in color then you know how fast they can turn into gray and get dirty that even a washing machine can’t help. So, for that pick up an old toothbrush and a little bit of baking soda along with some hydrogen peroxide and water. Dip the brush into the mix and rub it on the shoe. This will help you to take the dirt off the shoe. This is also the easiest and one of the best and most effective ways to wash shoes in a way that they won’t get damaged.

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