Mercy Smart Square

If you are a hospital employee, you’ve probably heard of the smart square Mercy software. This system allows hospital staff to post notes, appointments, and more. Nurses can easily access these information and manage their schedules. Mercy is customizable to your hospital’s staff’s needs. In addition to posting appointments, Mercy allows users to post notes, schedule shifts, and staff details from anywhere. In addition to its many useful features, Mercy also lets users hide their IP addresses.

Manage patient information

When managing patient information and appointments, health professionals need a specialized scheduling tool. Intelligent Square Mercy offers a comprehensive solution for this need. The software integrates with hospital management systems to make it easier to share information between departments. Besides being intuitive and user-friendly, Mercy Smart Square is free to use and provides convenient access to patient data. Its unique features include the ability to store medical information and appointment scheduling on mobile devices.

Schedule shifts

Login to the Smart Square Mercy portal using your Network ID and password. Then, click on “Schedule shifts for Mercy.” Once you are logged in, you can access patient and staff information, assign staff to particular shifts, update contact details, and schedule shifts. The Mercy Smart Square portal is available round-the-clock to facilitate workflow. It can be used by staff members or management at the same time.

Manage staff details

A busy healthcare facility can benefit from using the intuitive, secure interface of Smart Square Mercy to manage staff details and schedules. Its intuitive interface allows you to enter details about employees and customers, and manage shifts and staff schedules. Using the Mercy Smart Square scheduling tool, managers can add, edit, and delete customers and clients, and update staff information at any time. It can also remind staff about upcoming appointments. This software is compatible with most operating systems and can be used in a variety of industries.

Hide IP addresses

The Mercy smart square hides IP addresses from visitors so that they can’t access your sensitive information. You can use the smart square to detect your IP address and hide it before you log out of your computer, or turn it off as soon as you close your system. Mercy has many other features, but we particularly like this one. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below. Read on to find out how Mercy hides IP addresses.

Limit access to certain areas

Logging into Mercy smart square is a breeze, and allows you to do the same things as any other registered user. By setting up a user account, you can update patient information, schedule shifts, and change the contact details of patients. In addition, you can see the status of any patient right from your computer. This system is perfect for hospitals and healthcare providers who need to keep track of patient data and schedule their shifts quickly.

Manage employee registrations

The Smart Square Mercy interface makes it easy for healthcare professionals to view patient information, update staff information, and schedule appointments. The user-friendly interface allows employees to login to the system with a bright square and password. Employees can complete tasks at any time, anywhere, and from any device. The program helps hospital staff collaborate and share information, and reduce administrative tasks. Employees can view their own work schedules and manage their vacations, too.

Final Words:

Mercy Smart Square is a scheduling tool that allows users to update patient information, manage staff applications, and manage appointments. The software works on several mobile devices, but only a few are compatible. The interface is easy to use and includes features that help manage staff schedules, including a reminder system. Users can manage patients and employees from one centralized interface, and can add and remove clients as needed. The Smart Square also allows users to manage employees’ work schedules, and reminds staff of upcoming appointments.


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