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Due to the pandemic, in-person events have been transformed into online events. Product launch is no exception to this, majorities of companies have adopted the digital medium to showcase or launch their new product. However, this online product launch event is a new concept for many of us, so it becomes necessary to know about it.

When a company or a brand showcases its new product digitally in front of an audience, it is known as a digital product launch. An event launch is an excellent medium to showcase your new product and create a puff around it.

It is one of the most salient days for companies to launch their new product. A well-executed event launch can get your product noticed by everyone and can increase your number of buyers.

So before hosting an online product launch event, it becomes necessary for us to be careful about some dos and some don’t.

In this blog, we will let you know about the do’s and don’t of an online product launch event.  


First, we will start with the Do’s.


Do: Use Social Media platforms to create hype before the product launch.

Before the launch of a product, you are on various social media platforms. When your audience is already salivating at your product before its official launch, it becomes very convenient to release the product between them.

Everybody knows the power of social media. More than half of the population of the world is using social media platforms. 

so creating hype about your product on social media can add great results to you. Creating a fizz on social media will generate curiosity in your audience resulting in them waiting for your product launch. You can also create hype about your product.


DO:Focus on the Attendees:

 Instead of only focusing on your product during the launch event, you should also pivot to the audience.

You should ensure that your attendees are engaged and amused by the event. Organizers can use multiple tools like chats, polls, and Q&A to keep attendees engaged. You can also add some fun elements to your event to ensure maximum engagement of attendees. Generally, the audience remembers only those events that are full of interactions and engagement. An engaged and satisfied attendee of an event (product launch) will entice the other attendees to purchase the product.

DO: Your Tone About The Product Should Be clear:

During the product launch event, you should be able to describe to your audience the reason behind launching the product and what makes your product stand out from the crowd. Does it meet all the standards? What are its pros and its cons? 

You should be able to answer all the questions related to your product. There should be proper communication between you and your audience regarding your product. 


Do Selection Of The Right Online Platform:

If you think your product is extraordinary, you will need an equally groundbreaking platform for its launch. So while selecting the right platform for your product launch, you should focus on the platform that aligns with your brand requirements.

The right online meeting platform should provide you with necessary features like immersive experience, customization, engagement & networking features, and attractive displays and booths. 

The right online platform or online meeting platform can transform your audience into your customer. So be careful while selecting an online event platform for your product launch.


Now that you know what the Do’s are that one should consider during an online product launch event. Let’s move towards the Don’ts that should also be considered during online product launch events.


Don’t: Break the Momentum:

When we start marketing a new product we put our maximum energy into it, over time we lose our energy and break that momentum. Resulting in the loss of interest of our targeted clients in the product. So maintaining momentum in the marketing of the product is very necessary. if you start it strongly and after some time you pace down, your audience can lose interest in your product and can go for different brands or products. So you should maintain continuity in the marketing of the product until and unless you achieve the target of the brand. 


Don’t: Invite Just Random Audiences:

While sending invites for the product launch event, you should be selective. Random audiences will be unnecessary to generate the crowd. So before sending an invitation for your digital product launch you should do research about the potential attendees. Once you know who your targeted audience is, you can invite them. So that they can foster your product’s marketing. You can also invite those attendees who have a significant impact on the lives of others like influencers, and known personalities. As these will help other attendees in building the right opinion about your product.

Moreover, you can also invite the potential targeted buyers so that they can purchase your product.


Don’t: Dive Into Other Event

Don’t schedule your online product launch event on the day when your competitors are launching their products. Always avoid scheduling your product launch on the schedule of others.

It’s always preferable to launch your product before or succeeding the launch of your competitors’ products.

Always try to schedule your launch event when you have a maximum audience, try avoiding official holidays or festivals.

With the right planning, you can execute a successful online product launch event. This will not only help you to sell your product but will also help you to build trust and loyalty among your audiences. A successful product launch can bring more potential 

audiences to you. But, you should always be careful about what you do and don’t do while hosting an online product launch event.


So consider the above-stated do’s and don’ts, while hosting your next online product launch event.

So that’s all for this blog. Hopefully, this blog will be beneficial for you, and you will use the above-stated information while hosting your upcoming online product launch event.  


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