Falling in love can not be proven or measured, it can only be felt. The feelings are strong enough for an individual to forget the rest of the world. The thoughts and mind is preoccupied with the one you have fallen for, and the eyes look for that person. However, online you look for the profile, the stalking. 

The eagerness to know maximal about him makes one fly off the handle as they spend hours and hours, days and days, and nights and nights seeking information about one named love. One loses control over their mind when the conversation with the imaginary love begins and the rest of the day is occupied telling the fairy tale which turned into a nightmare by the scam.

 How is Online Dating a Scam?

A perfect platform to turn one’s mad, messy, and hurtful life into a daydream, attractive and blissful. Yet, some people in disguise turn this attractive life to an extreme level of complexity where it is suffocating and unbearable. The criminal mind people use the innocence of their victims by snapping them for trusting the world and trusting them. 

The profiles are manipulated by fake pictures to attract the audience and for them the customers who could be exploited, taken advantage of, and later cast off. Further, the deceiver put forth fabricated personal details, for instance, a prestigious job, and renowned properties which make the maximum audience fall for their trap more easily.

 How Can We Prevent Online Dating Scams?

In order to prevent an unfortunate event from happening, it is essential for an individual to have knowledge of how things work, so it would be easy to identify and take action. For this reason, the Claimers take pride in adding the knowledge of its visitors. The following could be the ways

1. Never trust before you meet personally

Having faith in people by merely having a conversation with them on the online platform with no insurance and precautions could lead to a bigger complication. Individuals out of love share personal details which could be very alarming for them in the future as the scammer can use it for blackmailing and unlawful acts.

2. Toxic Course of Actions

The scammer, through action, tries to manipulate and take control over the victims to make them fall into the trap. They insist innocent souls are trapped in performing actions they are either uncertain about or not comfortable with. With the passage of time, the demands increase and get complicated for the sufferer, which indicates that the purpose of one so-called “lover” is not to emotionally connect but to accomplish their interest.

3. Financial Assistance

The scammer tries to jeopardize privacy, security, and particularly financial accounts. Research has illustrated that a major portion of the scams ends up with the scammer running away inflicting financial injury to the victim. They initiate by utilizing victims’ money to buy expensive products for their personal use, leading to the asking for money for their financial assistance and ending up presiding over their hard-earned bread. 

Protect yourself from online scams starting today! 


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