Scammers use online websites to con people to send them money or expensive gifts as part of forming a romantic relationship or a friendship and then end up disappearing or breaking off all contact once they have already received the money. 


After being scammed online, people are often left feeling like they have no options but to allow the scammer to get away with the crime. They also aren’t aware that they are being scammed until long after it has happened. There are a few steps that can be taken in order to prevent scams from happening. 


Here are a few steps that you can take to help recover your money after you have been scammed: 


  • The first thing you need to do is to report the scam on the website or flag the scammer to alert the site to the person behind the online account. This will help admins block these scammer accounts and raise a red flag to other people in contact with them. You can also block the person from contacting you again. 
  • Create a fraud alert – this alerts everyone else that is in contact with the scammer unaware of their intentions. 
  • Set up alerts with your banks to notify you whenever there is an activity within your bank account and set up a two-way authentication when accessing your account from unknown devices. 
  • After sending personal information or noticing suspicious activity, report it to your bank- if you can place your credit card on a temporary hold until you have made contact with your service provider. 
  • Change all your passwords – reset them to new ones
  • You could also file a complaint with the FBI of the cybercrime
  • Keep the details documented 
  • Freeze your current account if you notice any suspicious activity


Another option that has been specifically designed to help you after you have been scammed is called Fundstrace. 

Funds Trace Really Helped Me in The Best Ways Possible! 

An online service that helps people recover their lost money by investigating and consulting on behalf of the scammer to hopefully reimburse the victim. By reporting the crime within 24 hours of it happening, these consultants have a 99.9% chance of recovering your money. The process is simple and quick, once you have visited the website at Fill in the form on the page, by submitting your details and the details of the crime committed against you and this gets you a free consultation. 


A friend of mine had recently been scammed, and even though she had followed the steps to prevent it from happening the next time she still had lost money by being scammed the first time. She has reached out to the fundstrace and has stated her case. Her case has been reviewed and investigated and she was reimbursed by the scammer. This service is not only restricted to one type of scam but any type of scam can also be reported and investigated. 


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