Romantic scammers have certainly made a name for themselves within the Online Dating World. They can be anybody, hiding in plain sight online waiting to match with their next victim. However, they all exhibit a unique set of characteristics that makes them stick out among the rest of us once we start paying attention to them. 


A romantic scammer is no different from any other scam. The end goal is to make a great profit from the victim by making the victim believe that they are in a romantic relationship despite the distance. They can seem very ordinary in the beginning yet will rapidly change their tune once they have you in their corner. 

Easy Tells of An Online Dating Scam Artist 

  • They always start the conversation first  
  • They confess their love for you in the beginning stages of conversation
  • They act weird when you ask about them, but in return want to know anything and everything about you. 
  • Their questions about you are very personal and specific 
  • They are in a rush to get into a relationship and may pressure you into speaking to them
  • They are always far away, most cases overseas working or in the military
  • They seem to lie a lot and their stories never match up
  • Their profile doesn’t match who you are speaking to – seems too good to be true
  • Always making up excuses to see you after they have planned to see you 
  • They are asking for money or want gifts from you
  • Have a foreign accent or often have grammar and spelling mistakes 


Most romantic scammers are very convincing as they’ve done this many times before. They use any and every tactic to gain your trust and convince you that they are genuine people which makes it harder to believe that you have been actually scammed. 


Although online dating websites have been hard hit by being the number one target these scammers operate on, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also been a platform where these scammers are scrolling to find their next victim.


In 2020, people who have used social media platforms have reported a loss of $117 Million due to social media scams in just the first six months of the year. Romantic Scams are the most reported on both Facebook and Instagram in 2019. 

The Best Way To Deal with A Scammer Like This? 

If you suspect you might be speaking to a romantic scammer and they fit the above characteristics, you can report them on the dating site and stop all contact immediately. The best thing is to break off all contact with the person if you are suspicious about their behavior. It is important to note that these are cybercriminals and it can be dangerous dealing with them on your own especially if you have shared a lot of personal information. If you have been scammed or know anyone who has been scammed, You can visit an online website that helps people recover their money once they have been scammed. 


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