Scammers are always finding new ways to target victims. They are making use of creative stratgies and pairing them with online methods to extrort victims of millions. For example, nowadays scammers are hacking into company websites which have selling platforms online and are stealing money from people who make payments on there websites. Aside from the rise in the online dating world with romantic scams, there are other types of scams that people need to be aware of that could easily affect them if they aren’t alert. 


People are especially desperate to make easy money, and this results in an attempt to con people out of their money. 

5 New Scams I Found Out About Through Chargeback Way 

  • Cruise deals – People are often lured on to fake cruise deals online where you are shown an amazing offer that only leads to disappointment. These fake websites collect all your personal information or require you to make payments ahead of time to secure your bookings. 
  • Forex, Bitcoin, and Crypto Scams – These scams lure people under the pretense that they will make money by investing in these money-making platforms by trading currencies. 
  • Scholarships, and Financial Aids – These scams mostly target young people by creating fake scholarships and financial aids to attract people to apply and share their personal information. 
  • Malicious Emails – Especially around tax season, people who are due to submit tax returns may receive emails that request their personal information or demand payments to the IRS. 
  • Fraudulent Phone Calls – These scammers contact you, claiming that your bank account has been hacked and that you need to declare personal details to rectify and restore the account. 


It is important to note that scams can be anything that has monetary gain for the person so if any advertisement seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

How to Protect Yourself Against Online Scams 

There are numerous steps that you can take to protect yourself against online scammers. Firstly, monitor your own profile online presence. It is always best to protect your personal information by setting your accounts to private accounts and omitting details so that they are too private to not share too much information on these platforms. 


Don’t accept any and every request to connect with you online. Make sure to do your own research by scanning profiles and checking the images on google to make sure that it only belongs to the person who claims that that’s who they are. Don’t send money to people that you haven’t met in person yet. It is best to advise people of proper services and resources if they should confide a personal problem to you such as needing money to pay off debt, or illnesses that require expensive treatment. 


Report any suspicious activity to the Feds, and keep documents that will assist in the investigation. Also, do not download or visit any links that are sent to you by people online who are urging you to connect with you in other ways aside from just on the site or platform. 

What Should You Do In Case You Have Been Scammed? 

A new online website has been designed to help people who have been scammed online. Chargeback way is a service that investigates scams that have been committed online to reimburse victims of scammers. This is another quick solution to getting your money back and also reporting the crime. 


The link to the website is This is a user-friendly service that doesn’t require much work from your side. Just fill in the form on the site and you will get a free consultation with someone who has been trained in retrieving money from scammers. This company has a success rate of 99.9% especially if crimes have been reported within 24 hours of it happening. 


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