The Discord interface: a very intuitive tool

How to join a server

If, on the other hand, you do not want to create a new one. But rather join and become part of an existing community, this is even easier. Next, we will explain step by step how you can do it.

Step 1: Join an existing server

In the same section of creating a server, you will click on “Join a server” to join an existing one.

Step 2: Use your invite link or check public channels

Once you have completed the previous step. You will be presented with two options. Add an invitation link (for the cases in which the group members invited you), or check among the community of public servers. Also, choose according to your preference, and start enjoying the group discussion forums.

How to link your account with other platforms

Another advantage of Discord is that it is possible to connect our account to other platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, or Steam to facilitate work in a centralized tool. Therefore, we will show you step by step how you can achieve it:

Step 1: Go to settings.

In the main menu, click on “User Settings,” a button with a gear symbol.

Step 2: Connections

Once there, press the “Connections” button at the end of the “User settings” section to bring up the link menu with other accounts.

Step 3: Select the account you want to link

Now that you are in the connections menu, you will choose the account you want to link with your Discord profile and click on it.

Step 4: Access permissions

Subsequently, the platform will ask you for the access credentials to the forum you decided to link. After you enter your username and password and click “Sign in,” you will have to accept the application permissions so that Discord can access the data you have saved in that application.

And finally, when you accept all the permissions, the web will process your request for a few seconds, and a confirmation message will appear indicating that your request was successfully approved.

How to set your privacy

Discord is a platform that, since its creation, has been characterized by offering its users a variety of communication and messaging options. Furthermore, it has focused its efforts on implementing several regulations to ensure that people can feel safe during discussion forums.

To take advantage of these options, go to the bottom left where your username is located, and click on “user settings.” Once there, press “privacy and security” so you can configure the following:

Set who can send us direct messages

To adjust this function in “privacy and security,” it is the first that will appear in the options panel. Here configure the filter of direct messages that you receive from other people since Discord classifies them into three types, as shown in the image below:

Regulate who can add you as a friend

To choose any of these options, you must go to the bottom area of ​​​​the privacy and security settings.

The Discord interface: a very intuitive tool

This platform has a very intuitive interface for its users, its extensive menu located vertically has the following options:

  1. All the servers of which we are part are located in the left bar.
  2. The main menu appears when you press the Discord icon in the upper left corner. In it will appear: a search bar, recent direct messages, tabs that lead to the games menu, contacts, store, and activity feeds.
  3. Upon entering a specific server, we will find the main menu that shows all available channels, moderators, direct chats, and people online.


In short, Discord is a fantastic platform that has not only valuable means of communication for all types of audiences but also has server control measures that allow its users to feel in a safe space.

But this is not all because it offers an active communication platform and provides users with other resources to make activities much more productive. For example, it is possible to associate Discord with other accounts such as Steam, Twitch, Spotify, and very useful YouTube, especially for streaming professionals. On the other hand, the app format can be used as a launcher to run other games like Epic Games Store Steam, and many more.

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